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environmental polution


Our current environmental situation is the product of the fact that human production and manufacturing invariably results in byproducts which are considered wastes and therefore end up discarded into the environment. Carbon dioxide and methane are examples of a waste products emitted into the atmosphere. Countless other products end up  in the water and ground.

Often times the volume of waste associated with a particular product is far greater than that of the end product itself. The waste stream from a particular process includes the items which fail quality inspection or reach the end of their useful life.

We have been introduced to a similar situation in the Bible narrative, at least as traditionally understood. In that story God created a world destined to be populated by billions of people. Over a period of time God worked to refine humanity and take out of it a select few, those who passed product inspection. The remainder of creation is supposedly slated for destruction in some sort of cosmic waste disposal.

Thus, in producing humans capable of entering heaven, God’s divine process involves a waste stream of immeasurable magnitude, encompassing as it does 90% of humanity and the entirety of what God originally proclaimed as good.

It is little wonder that this story prompts such indifference to our wastefulness. God  is unconcerned about waste, so why should I be?