Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

the polytheism of Christian America



In subverting the message of Jesus away from peace, freedom, joy, and fulfillment, the institutional church has introduced a most insidious form of polytheistic idolatry into American society. Church rhetoric, especially in its political affiliations, routinely trots out the deities they really worship: Materialism, guns, nationalism, pre-emptive violence, condemnation, segregation, fear mongering, and a prideful assumption of ethical and intellectual superiority. Instead of actually displaying faith in Jesus and what he taught, institutional Christianity ignores and re-invents him so they can become the greatest opponent of Christ-like thinking and behavior.


The pentacle of this denial of Christ is so called dominion theology, the evidence of which is everywhere seen in the endless political stridency of many church leaders and their close alliance with politicians who claim a divine right to mold public policy in accordance with church doctrine. All such secular attempts to control the populace through the exercise of power are a direct admission that the church message is not sufficient. If political power and the enforcement arms of government are a necessary part of the church's function on earth, then what does that say about their faith in evangelism?


The so called gospel is supposedly the church's reason for existence, but then they decide that preaching alone is not enough. They need to supplement their Bible truth with some real power. On the one hand the church says they cannot be diverted from evangelism by social issues but then turns right around and spends its major effort on its political alliances and support for its many secular demigods.


Moses came down from the mountain to find the Israelites already worshipping the golden calf. Jesus came down from the cross and finds the institutional church manufacturing an endless stream of new idols.