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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

positively negative


The very terminology of the church in describing God’s plan for man is all negative. Salvation and forgiveness, as typically taught, all denote escape from a negative, rarely if ever the establishment of a positive.


God wants you to escape punishment so you can then work on building a spiritual resume, establishing that you are worthy of His rescue. That resume is all about sacrificing the authentic you and happiness in this life in order to acquire happiness and fulfillment hereafter. Go to church, give you money, forsake worldly pleasures (which all admit are rather enjoyable), and spread the church’s message through personal evangelism- these are the sacrifices which the church dictates and supposedly God requires. While speaking of these “virtues” as valuable on the one hand, many in the church admit that these practices can become rather dreary over time.


It’s a constant struggle to try to be what doesn’t always feel authentic and positive. Who are we fooling? Certainly not God, the one who made us as we are in the first place and undeniably knows the real you.


A message that begins with the negative of sinfulness and ultimately deals with sin through devastating punishment and total destruction is negative through and through. No matter how we try to glamorize the parts in between, the final outcome colors it all.