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power of the gospel



What makes the Gospel powerful and compelling? Is it the evidence presented in proclaiming the message, i.e. the facts which are established? Is it the human reasoning which connects the various aspects of the Gospel in a logical, understandable fashion? Is it the personality of the messenger, his demeanor, his oratorical skills, his depth of understanding? Is it the working of the Holy Spirit separate from the message and the messenger? All these questions are right up front for those of the evangelical Christian persuasion.


Some receive and respond to the message, but the vast majority, who hear, apparently do not. If the Gospel is to be effective, those who feel compelled to proclaim it, must be concerned for the reasons behind rejection. Some may dismiss such an idea by saying that God rules over the harvest and the preachers and teachers merely sow the message. Others may counter that the Bible itself predicts majority rejection, so why be concerned or even surprised.


Such does little to actually deal with the underlying issues. Why can't or won't God work in every heart instead of a few? Why is the Gospel so lacking in power that most of humanity misses its benefit? Summarily ignoring these questions amounts to a rejection of the very principle which Jesus said summarized the Jewish Law and would serve as the ethical model for his followers. No one can realistically embrace the Golden Rule and not ask why it is not reflected in the Gospel message.