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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

priority of duties


Religious minded people generally think they have religious duties directed toward God. These duties typically involve participation in certain rituals and other prescribed activities which insure that God is pleased with the religionist.

In addition to these religious duties, most recognize other responsibilities to self, family, friends, and perhaps to larger groups like the community or political state. When these various responsibilities come into conflict as they invariably do, then a pecking order must be defined.

Many in institutional religion believe that our duties to God are the most important. If God demands a meeting with prescribed rituals on an appointed day, then no responsibility to personal or group safety can supersede the requirement to meet. We hear this often in opposition to the restrictions of the pandemic.

Strangely, when it comes to church members who are required to work on Sunday and there are many of those, the priority to obey God rather than men is easily set aside. God may be important but not so important as earning a living. The pursuit of money as a necessity tops everything.

So strict adherence to divine requirements is a ready excuse when convenient and something to be ignored when even more convenient.

The real irony is that the same Bible which supposedly outlines these sacred duties directed toward God also proclaims that God doesn’t care about ritual obedience. And why should He? What need or noble desire could possibly prompt such from a divine being?