Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

progressives and Traditionalists



In every culture in every age there are those people who favor change and those who cherish the status quo. Those two positions stand in opposition to one another and reflect whether one's self interest is best served by something different or the current situation, politically, religiously, culturally, economically, or whatever defines that personal best interest. For those who have been raised in a culture which views the conflict between good and evil as the ultimate reason for being, this tension between two worldviews inevitably leads to a subjective practice of labeling. That which supports my self interest is the good and that which supports the well being of the others is the bad.


Under this paradigm, selfishness is the supreme virtue and selflessness the ultimate vice. Such a dichotomy in perspective means that which is good and bad becomes nothing more than a subjective determination based on personal preference and advantage. No matter where I stands on the issue of change, the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge invites me to call a large number of my fellow citizens my enemy.