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Prayer-Private conversation or public monolog?


Prayer as a Christian practice commands a lot of public air time. Faithful Christians are routinely encouraged to pray publicly, over meals, at sporting events, political gatherings, and of course in church services. One would gather that praying is more a public monologue to demonstrate piety than it is an actual conversation with God.  

This is all very strange when one considers what the Bible actually says about public prayer. Jesus specifically condemned public prayer and pointedly rejected the obvious self promotion to which public prayer often leads.

Do those who place such emphasis on public prayer actually have a private prayer life? One cannot observe in others the kind of prayer that Jesus sanctioned and encouraged, the private, personal type. That remains hidden between the individual and God.

All the hoopla politically over public prayer is thoroughly unbiblical. So why is it so prominent? I suspect this is just another way in which the church honors Jesus with their mouths and dismisses him in their hearts.