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quick fix religion



I read an article recently where the author commented on how we live in a world addicted to the quick fix. It is reflected in our political debate- we insist as a society on political action which will yield immediate improvement in our economic situation, our health, and our sense of security. If the solution is a long term one, it is not acceptable.


I sensed that the same kind of thinking permeates our religious experience. Institutional Christianity teaches a divine process for instantaneous transformation. It is the ultimate quick fix to the ultimate problems of life. Getting it all straightened out doesn't take much time; just perform these steps and all is instantly made right.


Despite our desire that problems be quickly and neatly resolved by following a carefully defined plan, I suspect subconsciously we recognize that reality is just a bit more complicated than that. Problems that have developed over a long time and which have existed for years, don't get resolved overnight. The messy details which underlie the real issues, be they spiritual or political (is there a real difference?), prevent any quick resolution.


In considering the Bible and its transformative or corrective power, we are not obliged to accept the church's insistence on instantaneous solutions to our spiritual problems. The Apostle Paul spoke poignantly about his personal struggle to internalize the message of Jesus sufficiently to effect a change in his behaviors. If the apostles were not instantaneously transformed or spiritually fixed, you can be sure we won't be either. Embracing the message of Jesus and discovering God's plan for our lives is a life long endeavor and not really the easy, quick fix the church has sponsored.