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Radical Christianity



Many seem obsessed with the dangers of radical Islam, particularly its possible adverse affects on our culture. I wonder why there is not the same concern for the deleterious effects of radical Christianity in our society. By radical Christianity I don't mean the type that engages in acts of physical terrorism. I refer to the brand of Christianity for which acts of intimidation and denigration are the defining characteristics. For these radicals, political posturing, publicized piety, and endless demonization of others are held up as examples of righteous, godly, and patriotic fervor.


These dangers of radical Christianity are much more subtle than those of the foreign religious terrorist, but the ultimate negative effects on our nation are a thousand fold more significant. Radical Christianity of the type I describe is already embedded in our midst and has been for ages. All the outward finger pointing at external threats is just one more diversion from the real problems that plague us as a nation. When anyone dares to suggest as much, the in-house radicals become even more radicalized.