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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

random or intentional



A book I recently read suggested that on some level of consciousness, everything we experience in life comes about because we chose it. I suspect most would recoil from this suggestion that they personally chose every experience, even then which caused them pain and suffering.


The extent to which life evolves randomly versus intentionally is a debate as old as human history. Within that discourse I often hear an assertion that if all the world's wealth were suddenly evenly distributed, then within a relatively short period, the wealth distribution would return to its former state. The apparent implication to such a declaration is that those who prosper do so because of diligence, uprightness, and intellect; whereas the unsuccessful inevitably fail because of indiscretion, sloth, and moral laxity. A perhaps harsher interpretation might be that the rich deserve their affluence and the poor their penury.


This type thinking is supportive of the idea that lives evolve intentionally. However, I seriously doubt that the many who embrace this anecdotal wealth distribution narrative would attribute their own misfortune to personal shortcomings. Human nature is greatly attached to the inexplicability of one's own life trials while seeing the reasons others suffer as perfectly transparent. To summarize, I am the victim of circumstances; others are just reaping what they sowed.


Such thinking is inevitable if I choose to be indifferent to the woeful state of others while trying to feel virtuous. Unfortunately I find myself right there in my own defensive rationalizations..