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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

Real inspiration


No portion of the Bible is really inspired for you until it inspires you to fashion your life in accordance with its message or example. In that practical sense, all of us see only limited inspiration in the Bible. Some people attach to the Old Testament picture of God, the strict arbiter of justice, and then seek ways to express their opposition to their perception of evil through politics, employment, and religious affiliation. Others are inspired by different passages which depict God as gracious, loving, and patient. These people likewise order their lives, often in subconscious ways, to reflect what inspires them biblically.

In both cases, people feel highly motivated by some parts of the Bible; and, because different portions pull in different directions, they must largely ignore the parts which others find compelling. This is the basic conundrum of the scriptures- different strokes for different folks and all right out of the same book.

People can claim a firm belief in the absolute inerrancy and infallibility of the entire Bible all they want, but in a very real sense, those claims are meaningless to the extent that those same folks ignore or attempt to explain away the parts that they don’t find supportive of their beliefs. To ignore certain scriptures or to place them in a subordinate category is a tacit denial of their inspiration in the first place.