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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

reaping and sowing



When hearing that God's Love for mankind is unconditional, i.e. not dependent on our performance, many respond with a question about why we would behave properly if God is not threatening us with rejection and punishment. Obviously many believe that their behavior and that of others is controlled and constrained only because of fear of God. Absent that reality they assume that everyone would simply run amok, unrestrained by any moral consequences.


I believe these type responses involve a failure to recognize that the results of bad behavior choices are by nature detrimental to us regardless of whether God exacts retribution or not. There is no option to behave in violation of love and somehow escape dire and immediate consequences. Those consequences may not be immediately measureable, especially by outsiders, but they exist none the less. Actions motivated by fear, guilt, and a need for retribution, all a reflection of violating the love principle expounded by Jesus, are corrosive to the spiritual, mental, and psychological well being of the perpetrator. As has been noted by science for ages, as our minds go, so goes the body as well; so negative behaviors are also deadly to our physical health.


Unconditional Love does not mean that human behavior has no negative consequences, only that the consequences are not God's retribution. Instead they are a function of the nature of reality, the way things just are. Unloving acts and behaviors are unavoidably damaging to the perpetrator now. Of course, our behavior can affect others as well as ourselves, meaning that the negative consequences spread to the rest of humanity, indicating again that we are all interconnected.


Galatians 6:7 makes note of the basic principle of sowing and reaping. Reaping follows sowing automatically because it is a basic aspect of reality. You don't sow apples and reap oranges. You don't reap joy, peace, and freedom if you sow conflict, inadequacy, and abuse.


Since the creation is aligned according to this principle, God doesn't have to intervene in order for the reaping to correspond to the sowing. It operates like gravity. When we fall of the porch, we don't consider it God's retribution for breaking the law of gravity; it's simply a matter of physics, the laws that define the universe.