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Humble or Ruthless 1/11/20 

Anointed Ones 12/14/19

Mind Reader 12/14/19

Form and Reform 12/14/19 

God's Unconditional Love 12/14/19 

Rules of Religion 11/8/19 

Prosperity Gospel 11/6/19 

Children of a Lesser God 10/31/19 

Strange Conversion 10/30/19 

Tower of Babel 10/29/19 

Son of God and Son of Man 10/29/19 

What is the Unpardonable Sin? 10/26/19

What's So Good About the Gospel? 10/26/19

It's All About Obedience? 10/26/19

Forgiveness Without Repentance 10/26/19

Law and Righteous Warfare 10/26/19

Did Jesus Destroy the Law? 10/26/19

Righteousness by the Law 10/26/19

What Transforms? 10/26/19

Salvation in Diversity 10/26/19

Must I Believe What I Know? 9/17/19

Does the Bible Make You God's Agent? 9/14/19

The False Narrative 9/14/19

The Motivation for Doing Good 9/14/19

Operating in the Flesh 9/14/19

The Concept of Righteousness 9/1419

The Scandal Problem 9/14/19

But for Grace 7/25/19

Sin and Fear 7/25/18

Fear and Salvation 7/25/19

Sin Into Righteousness 7/25/19

Misplaced Emphasis 7/25/19

One Nation Under God 7/4/19

Mystery of Salvation 7/3/19

Prayer- Public or Private? 7/2/19

A Second Moses? 7/2/19

What is the Gospel Really About? 7/2/19

Weaponizing the God of Love 7/2/19

Disgraceful Grace 6/29/19

By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them 6/22/19

Divine Judgment 6/22/19

New Wine in Old Skins 6/3/19

How Could He? 6/3/19

"Nones" in Heaven? 6/2/19

You Amaze Me! 4/24/19

Dialogue With Myself 4/24/19

The Early Church Example 4/10/19

Hell on Earth 3/8/19

Partisanship and Disunity 3/8/19

Clash of Fundamentalisms 3/8/19

Grace Reexamined 3/8/19

Eliminate the Silence 3/8/19

Not Worth a Plugged Nickel 2/19/19

Security or Righteousness? 2/19/19

Abortion from a Jewish Perspective 2/11/19

Knowing 1/30/19

What Could He Have Meant? 1/29/19

Various Aspects of Salvation 1/23/19

Tree of Wisdom or Tree of Fear 1/17/19

Unreasonable Literalism 1/17/19

Knowing the Truth 1/17/19

Necessary Political/Religious Evil 1/17/19

Rejection- Proof and Practice 1/17/19

Truth? 12/6/18

An Emotionally Positive Salvation 12/5/18

War Refugees 10/19/18

Inclusion, Equality, Freedom 10/19/18

Can Men Broker God's Acceptance 10/19/18

The Law and the Golden Rule 10/19/18

The Tree of Enemies 9/28/18

We Choose the Life We Experience? 9/27/18

A Different Kind of Religious Violence? 9/27/18

Strategic Foolishness 9/27/18

Individual and Collective Judgment 9/26/18

Earthly or Hereafter Life 9/26/18

It's About Life and Death 9/26/18

Heap Coals of Fire on His Head 9/15/18

A Nation of Laws 9/7/18

Who's the Enemy? 8/30/18

Loud, Proud Christianity 8/4/18

Can Unrighteousness Serve Righteousness 8/4/18

Can We Take Jesus Too Seriously 8/4/18

Love Analysis 8/4/18

What Does It Mean to be a Christian? 6/24/18

Which Adam- Dead or Alive? 5/29/18 

You Can't Handle the Truth 5/26/18

Can Love Bring a Curse 5/25/18 

The War Between Good and Evil 5/12/18 

The Deity of Jesus 4/20/18

Progressives and Traditionalists 4/20/18

Called to Greatness 4/18/18

To God Be the Glory 4/12/18

By One Man Death Came Twice 4/12/18

A Dangerous Lover 4/7/19

Unforgiveable Sin 4/7/18

Random or Intentional 4/7/18

Grace and the Associated Nature 4/7/18

Victory in Jesus 4/7/18

Commonsense Will Send You to Hell 4/7/18

The Beginning of the Salvation Story 4/7/18

Risk Takers 4/7/18

Spirituality and Divinity 4/7/18

The Religious Hero 1/6/18

People Are Not the Issue 1/6/18

What's Up Doc? 1/6/18

Prisoners in the Eyes of God 1/6/18

Emotional Angst and Biased Human Judgment 1/6/18


















































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