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redefining absolute truth


When challenged on their belief in absolute truth, the church often responds that those who deny absolute truth are caught in an inconsistency because they imply that no absolute truth is absolutely true. It is a convenient argument and one that has successfully deflected criticism of the church’s dogmatic position on many issues.

We all probably recognize that what was previously thought to be absolutely true can quite suddenly become absolutely false. The recent “discovery”, as yet unsubstantiated, that neutrinos can travel faster than the speed of light, may be one more example of this reversal. Long held cultural norms can change quite suddenly also, revealing that what was universally accepted as true or right can rather quickly become unacceptable.

I’d propose a different understanding of absolute truth. Absolute truth is that which is known by God alone. Only the mind of God can grasp and validate such truth, and human language is probably inadequate to communicate that truth. The truth that must filter through the human mind will remain forever suspect, subject to re-evaluation, and therefore not absolute.

I won’t state my position absolutely, but I absolutely believe it, for the moment at least.