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rejection- proof and practice



Being rejected is supposed to be the mark of God’s elect, the chosen few. Thus, if you promote church orthodoxy and practice the same, then you will be rejected and persecuted, so just get ready for it. So, in Christian circles to have someone dismiss the church message or criticize church practice serves to validate that message and practice and, by extension, its adherents. Since the truth was going to be rejected according to Jesus, rejection is really an affirmation of Christian Orthodoxy.


But then rejection of any other message is seen to be a duty of Orthodoxy and a sign of righteousness. My rejection confirms me as righteous and my rejection of everyone else does the same. Talk about a win-win situation. I am validated when others reject me, and I am re-validated when I reject them.


Of course, prophesized or not, rejection is still uncomfortable, so Christians don’t actually relish rejection directed at them. However, the mandate to reject and punish others is very comfortable to our ego-centric mind.