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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

relentless fulfillment



Significantly, we note from the OT that despite the evident unfaithfulness of Israel as a nation, God did not allow that to upset his plan in Christ. Through many, many spiritual digressions Israel survived and Jesus came in accordance with God's intention and completed his mission on earth. In fact, Jesus completed the divine plan even though the Jewish religious leaders of his day directly opposed him. Ironically, their opposition was instrumental in Jesus' success. Both Jewish animosity and Jesus' submissiveness were essential to fulfilling the divine purpose.  


These OT observations, coupled with the pointed emphasis of the NT on the certainty of God's Will and His faithfulness (Eph 1:11,  Tim 4:19, II Pet 3:9, and II Tim 2:13), prompt this question: How is it that God's plan survived OT Israel's obstinacy and waywardness, but after Christ, somehow the Devil is supposedly able to cause God's plan to falter, working for only a small fraction of humanity? God is able to succeed over all opposition to a point in time, but then for some unknown reason, He supposedly allows human intransigence to do what Israel's checkered history never could, defeat God.