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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

religious arrogance



Arrogance in the name of religion is just as unappealing and destructive as it is for any other reason. Way too many people want to be loud and proud about their status as a "Christian", using that claim to moral superiority as an excuse to belittle, ostracize, and self promote. Such behavior is routinely justified as defending one's faith or demonstrating a love for the Lord. If such is really what a testimony for Jesus is all about, instead of living the Golden Rule and honoring the ethical commandments of Christ, there is no wonder that people by the score reject such testimony as sanctimonious claptrap.


The Bible is not anyone's personal weapon to beat the rest of the world into submission to their sectarian views of God and church dogma. Those who try to make it so completely ignore the point of Jesus' ministry.


Whenever we feel compelled to huff and puff about our religion, we can be sure that we have left the path which Jesus walked and then encouraged his disciples to follow. The message of Jesus is not about coercion but rather the persuasive power of love, forgiveness, and humility. Such attributes leave no room for the kind of religious posturing and preening which many want to claim as Christian credentials.


The Bible, Old and New Testaments, condemns pride as sinful. Yet in the practice of traditional Christianity, pride has been promoted as a virtue. When I declare myself to be God's spokesman with an essential message which must be accepted or else, I cannot avoid the implied self congratulations involved. I' m save and you are not. I am accepted and you are rejected. I am righteous: you are a sinner. This message of personal superiority is the real appeal of institutional Christianity for many. Their rhetoric and politics in the name of Jesus demonstrate as much.


No amount of pointing to Bible and its story of Jesus will ever erase the self serving tone and tenor of  church dogma. The ills of humanity begin in the Bible story with man's attempt to judge and categorize humanity into the good and the bad. Christian Orthodoxy continues to direct us down that same path. That cannot be the solution to what ails mankind.