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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

religious fluff



Many of a certain political persuasion claim that they want to gain control of the government in order to promote national righteousness, right standing in the eyes of God. They claim it their duty to wrest political power from the hands of those they deem as unrighteous and therefore unworthy. In that vein we hear of religious leaders encouraging their congregants to vote for "Christian leaders". 


As one would expect in such a atmosphere, we witness political candidates and their supporters emphasizing their religious credentials. Given the fact that religious attachment is such an internal and therefore nebulous thing, the approach that these politicians employ to demonstrate their commitment to righteousness seldom moves beyond what I deem religious fluff. Quoting the Bible, praying ostentatiously in public, denouncing sin in others- these kinds of activities are supposed to be meaningful in the eyes of God and therefore are assumed to impart some sort of sacred status to the ones who practice such. Such a definition of righteousness is a gift made in heaven for the numerous demagogues and hucksters who aspire to political power and fame. Who can resist the chance for personal aggrandizement and adulation when it requires so little to gain the approval of so many.


If those who claim the Christ are really interested in affecting the nation for good in the name of God, they might try living their personal lives in accordance with the clear instructions of Jesus as summarized in the Golden Rule. That kind of seldom seen religious demonstration would definitely turn the ship of state in the right direction. All this other posturing is rightly condemned by Jesus himself and is an insult to the concept of righteousness.