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Religiously Significant


For the Christians who seriously seek a personal faith, what buzzes around in the mind religiously is not a string of Bible verses which support and prove that they are doctrinally correct and therefore certainly acceptable to God. Instead those engaged Christian minds are occupied by the very same issues and questions which stimulate us all, even the irreligious. How to deal with all the moral decisions which life demands. What are the implications of each potential decision and how does that decision affect me, personally, and my ability to live a fulfilled life? Even if no one addresses these far reaching questions consciously, they still reside in the subconscious mind and seek resolution.

In the final analysis doctrinal correctness, real or perceived, is not the issue for most folks. This is what makes the church and its dogmas irrelevant to these people. The church wants to shroud the answers to many of these questions in impenetrable mystery, especially so when we speak of moral implications. When "pat" answers only raise more troubling questions, when isolated scriptures are used to justify the reprehensible, what can these folks do?

Well, they can do just what many are doing. Those inside the church try to ignore what they hear and don't believe, seeking spiritual support in the act of fellowshipping instead of trying to resolve moral dilemmas. Those outside the church, in many cases, have already tried the church's answers, found then insufficient, and moved on. Both these two groups are the real hope of spiritual revival in our world and not those who openly and vociferously defend the church and its doctrines.