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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

Religious maverick



For those of us who have ever wanted to blame the Jews of Jesus' day for rejecting Him as Messiah, perhaps we should try for a moment to put ourselves in their place. They had been raised to honor the Law for a thousand years or more and to consider themselves as people born into a special relationship with God. Then here comes Jesus saying that God could just as easily raise up a special people from these rocks, implying that there was nothing particularly special about the Jews after all. At the same time, He appeared rather casual in His respect for the Law, sidestepping the letter of the Law and redefining it in  a decidedly counter intuitive fashion. To a serious minded Jew, Jesus was not the epitome of standard "Jewishness", ethically, socially, or religiously. He was the very essence of renegade and maverick.


It is often said that a visit from Jesus to our society would likely generate a similar response from among us. Much that Jesus said and taught still seems strange and incomprehensible today, nearly 2000 years later. His lessons are paradoxical, His value system troubling, and His lifestyle basically unattractive for the most part. He is an enigma, even to those of us who tend to claim Him. If the Jews and other people of His time were blameworthy for their response to Him, we probably indict ourselves in the same judgment.


To really take Jesus at His word and to attach to His message would require a change in mindset which borders on insanity to our normal way of thinking. That is the reason why Christianity defines itself in terms of ritualism and not Christ-likeness. To be like Jesus is way out there, not at all like we naturally believe and readily embrace, even two millennia later.