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religious standards



Religiously inspired ethical standards are often said to be superior to secular ones. People of this mindset tend to insist that their religious standards should be the basis for our laws and legal system. That presents a very real problem for a lot of people of a different persuasion. That is especially so when so many of these religious standards seem unreasonable and unjust to a large portion of the populace, and the proponents of these religious standards believe that they are divinely ordained stewards of the nation and its political institutions.


Out of this contention of the moral superiority of the appropriately religious, we witness an array of political maneuvers by institutional religion, aimed at enforcing and promoting church doctrine through the power of the state. This assumption of superiority based on religion infects any number of politicians who tout their religious credentials as evidence of their political acumen and general qualification.


This religiosity quickly degenerates into an unseemly display of self importance and religious pretension. Things of a sacred nature actually are debased as they are used as political tools of self promotion. Those of a more discerning religious nature are forced to shake their heads in disbelief.


True religion cannot be subject to such crassness and indifference to the welfare of others, including even the irreligious. When religion becomes little more than an excuse to behave unethically, the irreligious who operate according to their own secular ethical standards actually hold the moral high ground.