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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

religious surrogates



The religious have forever been the instruments of secular government in conducting warfare and enforcing governmental policy. This is as true of America as anywhere else, including the Islamic world.


Those theologically attuned to the role of combating evil are naturally inclined to be used in this manner. Thus we witness the current day use of the religious by the politically motivated. A politician who chooses to wrap himself in the mantle of religious conviction has a ready made appeal to many and a pre-existing platform from which to promote his political career. We see this fact play out over and over in our society with little notice by those who are thus manipulated. Simply mouthing the appropriate words of piety and religiosity bring large numbers of the electorate to the polls salivating to press the button of the church approved candidate. It is cynicism 101 in spades, but so many just beg to be led in lockstep by self appointed religious elitists, both ecclesiastical and political.


A rigid, dogmatic religion creates a people lacking in discernment. They cannot question their religious superiors or their interpretation of religious reality, so they become incapable of reasoning about anything the church may choose to promote. Such people are ready pawns in the hands of those in our society who practice manipulation and control as a career. Breaking the lock which religion places on our ability to question and reason is the first essential step in true freedom, the blessing we, as a nation, claim to cherish.