Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

respecting god



You can't treat God with respect without treating your fellow man with respect. There is no honoring God without honoring all of his creatures. Too many who claim to be Christians think they honor God by mistreating their fellow man. They have been convinced by institutional religion that by condemning and segregating from others that they become more holy and righteous and therefore acceptable to God. Being good in God's eyes supposedly involves acting badly toward other humans. All manner of evil behavior is thus justified as God directed and a sign of personal piety.


Preachers and members alike can quote scripture till they grow hoarse and never will they find that righteousness derives from violating the Golden Rule and behaving callously, selfishly, and indifferently toward anyone. Jesus was emphatic that the law  is summarized in the requirement to love God and our fellowman. The love of God goes hand in hand with loving others. Yet people routinely claim Jesus and God as their own and simultaneously engage in contemptuous words and actions relative to others.


The Gospel and Jesus have been turned upside down by the traditions of men. The ones who claim to love Jesus have become the very anti-Christs they so often identify outside themselves.