Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

rethink the human animal




Universalism is an endless challenge to the human mind for the very reason that it entails a complete revision in how we view mankind in general. The old paradigm of the God of the select few proclaimed that most humans were essentially worthless and incorrigible, plagued by unrestrained evil tendencies, willfully obstinate to divine influence, and therefore worthy of God's contempt and our own. In order to really embrace the reality that God has worked out a plan which will redeem every last person we must relinquish all such pictures of our fellowmen. Continued concern for a possibly better world is still appropriate and needed, one based on the knowledge of everyone's true worth; but the old moaning about a world gone to the dogs because of depraved and intellectually inferior others is definitely called into question by universalism.


Until, as Neale Donald Walsch has noted, we see God in the face of every other human, we really cannot claim allegiance to a new concept of redemption. Basically, I believe that is where I am and many others who lend intellectual assent to the idea of universal salvation. We recognize the logic of God's complete success in redeeming mankind, but we struggle mightily to actually let go of the old paradigm of a basically flawed and rightly condemned mankind.