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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

the role of human government



Every action of human government is designed to convey special privilege or to finance the administration thereof. No law or regulation is ever driven solely by regard for the general public good. Special interest influence has always determined the rules under which human societies operate. Governments by nature do not extend freedom, they restrict it. A basic change in human governance is impossible without embracing anarchy, the rule of the individual conscience, unrestrained by anyone’s arbitrary law or regulation.  The general public good can only be advanced by recognizing our basic interconnectedness and thereby embracing a personal need to act ethically in regards to the effect of our actions on ourselves and others. All other forms of constraint on human behavior are contrived and by nature inequitable.


Which is better- a man who doesn’t know how he should live, a man who sees how he should live but struggles to conform to that knowledge, or the man who is certain of how to live and consistently conforms to that standard? Is uncertainty and inconsistency inferior to the dogmatic conclusions and consistent application?


What you do won’t save you but here is what you must do to be saved. Translation please! You can’t save yourself but in partnership with Jesus you can be saved.


American exceptionalism is rooted in the theology which says that “good” people are especially blessed by God. Those who have the right religion and behave in accordance with the correct moral code therefore deserve a lion’s share of the earth’s resources.


To question fundamentalism’s religion requires that one also question fundamentalism’s politics.


I believe in the conservative’s love of smaller government as long as we take it to the logical conclusion, no ruling of one man over another, period.


What makes my claim to a piece of personal property sacred or valid? The law and nothing more. Is the right to private property divinely given? It is under the law. Is it still granted under Grace? Possibly so but perhaps in a dramatically different sense.


Can I truly believe something I cannot understand? Can I have an intuitive, subjective insight concerning what is mysterious, like the existence of God?  How do we know anything, really? I like to talk about Quantum Physics and draw theological implications from it, but no one really understands this aspect of reality, not even the scientists. I tend to believe it because I choose to accept the word of authorities who know more than I do. That is how people have approached the Bible all these years, trusting the clergy to bolster their belief in a Book they do not read or understand. If they do read it, it remains largely a mystery.