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rules of religion



Every aspect of Orthodox Christianity is governed by strict rules. Rules about how to interpret the Bible. Rules about how to become a Christian in the first place and then how to remain a faithful Christian. Rules about how to worship properly. Rules about the church organization and hierarchy. Rules about church financing.


The entire Christian experience is predicated on knowing all the rules and obeying them meticulously. Godliness and divine acceptance are an exercise in obedience, conformity, and perseverance. In this mindset there is little wonder that the institutional church is so focused on politics and political power, so intertwined with the state. The state manages a massive enforcement agency, so who could be better as an ally in forcing compliance with church doctrines than the government.


Any law based entity has to have a mechanism to enforce compliance. If disobedience goes unpunished, human free will inevitably leads to violations. This is and has been the thinking of all such groups, organizations, and societies. The church is no different. They insist that God is the ultimate judge and enforcer of their rules; but, in the meantime, they also seek to “encourage” compliance here and now with the help of the state. In fact, participation in the church effort to enlist the state into the enforcement of church rules is taught as a Christian responsibility, a sacred act, another church rule to be obeyed.