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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

salvation in diversity



Salvation by obedience under threat is salvation by subservience, by intimidation, by conformity. This is exceedingly strange since nothing is more evident and remarkable in creation than its diversity. This includes all the aspects of human kind which differentiate one individual from another, all the rich tapestry of personalities, histories, and physical features. Nature in general, including all life, is one vast array of differences.


Whatever else motivated creation, the desire for sameness was not it. In fact, it was human intervention in the form of animal husbandry which redirected the natural drive toward diversity and resulted in a type of conformity within creation. The hand of nature supports differences between generations, not conformity. It is the hand of man which strives to homogenize.


Despite this evident and divinely ordained variableness, religiously we have been taught that God requires conformity out of his creation, i.e. humanity. Each and every one of us, supposedly, must believe and do the same things in order to please this God of diversity.


More incongruously, the process for proper believing and doing must deal with and overcome all the obstacles and prejudices inherent in a diverse humanity scattered all over the globe. The different cultures, languages, developmental histories, and governments all militate against the advertised salvation process.


The Bible identifies salvation in Christ as a new creation. So why create differences if ultimately all the differences must either be relinquished or overcome in becoming a new creature in a new creation? Doesn’t make much sense does it?  Yet this story gets repeated endlessly until somehow it sounds right to a great many.