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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

same bible- different viewpoint



A friend and I shared some thoughts on the scope of redemption recently. In questioning the idea of a yet future judgment of all mankind, I pointed out the numerous passages in the OT where it says that God’s mercy endureth forever. My friend responded that apparently God’s mercy lasted only until he destroyed certain people as related in the Bible. This difference of opinion is a prime example of how we can see the Bible in various ways depending on what we consider to be axiomatic. On the one hand, I see God’s mercy as basic, meaning that all wrath and judgment must culminate in a final act of love and mercy. Alternatively, one can view God’s wrath and judgment as ultimate, and then mercy becomes subordinate to a final, conclusive judgment. Both conclusions derive from the same Bible but involve a different picture of God, His nature, and how He ultimately operates.