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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

Satan, Anti-christs, and the carnal mind



The still small voice that constantly encourages us to act selfishly and with total disregard for others is what I believe the Bible refers to symbolically as Satan or the Devil. It is equivalent to what Freud labeled the ego, that part of our mind and personality which insists that our personal worth and identity are measured by things like appearance, status, influence, wealth, knowledge, and prestige. It is the element which causes us to present a false face to others in countless situations, pretending to be what we are not. It is the carnal mind to which the Apostle Paul referred.


This voice incessantly rejects the ethical standards and practices proclaimed by Jesus, calling them impractical, suicidal,  naive, and lame brained. It is that which motivates most to operate perpetually out of fear, fear of loss, fear of discovery, fear of inadequacy, fear of appearing fearful. It is the major obstacle to our embracing love as  the only possible antidote to our fear filled unfulfilled lives. All things and voices which promote fear are of the Devil for "he" is the father of the fearful. God, on the other hand, is the Father of All , but especially those who recognize that they have nothing to fear.


Correspondingly, the Apostle John introduced the NT saints to the idea of anti-Christs, labeling them anything that denied God and Christ. That denial was not the claim that God or Christ never existed. Instead the function of an anti-Christ was just like that of the Devil and carnal mind. They served to misrepresent God and to enshrine fear as the divine operating principle. The end result of listening to an anti-Christ was just the same as paying attention to Satan or the carnal mind. Each symbolizes a rejection of the power of divine love in favor of fear driven conformity to urgings of the ego. All such influences draw us away from the divine truth which says that God is Love and Love drives out all fear.