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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

saved without consent


Will God save a man without his consent? Occasionally someone suggests that God would not force a man to be saved because of free will. Interestingly these same people have no apparent problem with God forcing these same men to be eternally lost against their will. In fact they are so enamored with their doctrine of eternal punishment that they accept that people will go to Hell without any conscious decision on their part at all. Nothing more than mere circumstances of birth can lead to Hell without the will of the individual participating in the slightest.

The suggestion that man's will can trump God's will aught to be disturbing to anyone who believes in a soverign God. In trying to defend traditional religious views, we sometimes resort to defining God as something less than god-like. That should certainly cause us to re-consider our doctrine instead of having to lessen God's godliness.