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the scandal problem



The institutional church in all its flavors is constantly roiled by scandals. Lately it has been about sexual misconduct with minors. Everyone scurries around trying to understand, explain, and then deal with these blemishes on an institution which is supposed to enhance morality and righteousness in the name of Christ. The very natural tendency to hide these events and try to dampen their negative impact on the membership is always evident.


What no one in the churches wants to recognize is the fact the their very doctrine makes these problems inevitable. Church doctrine is the problem, and the problems will never go away until that doctrine is corrected.


I’ve seen it over and over, and any church member has if they have paid any attention. Church doctrine turns these ministers into gods. They speak for God, they are called by God, and they come to expect the reverence  that is due God. It’s the perfect formula for turning men and now women into head cases.


So forget all the hand wringing about how and why such bad things are perpetrated by church leaders. Humans were never designed by God to lord it over other people religiously. That concept came right out of the carnal mind, which is the real source of satanic influences.