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self fulfilling prophecy



The institutional church attaches to a series of what could be termed self fulfilling prophesies. Each of these forecasts are drawn from the words of the New Testament scriptures, either directed to the Apostles or the 1st Century church. In every case it is merely assumed that these words apply as much to us today as they did to the initial hearers.


The first such prophesy involves a warning that the 1st Century church would encounter apostates, ones who strayed from correct doctrine. With this taken as a continuing threat, the church has consistently searched for those who don't adhere to its teachings, feeling a divine mandate which empowers them to use whatever means are required to suppress any deviation from Orthodoxy. This imperative to defend the true faith against any challenges has manifested itself in numerous onerous and unseemly actions on the part of the church. Logical discourse and teaching have never been sufficient to advance its agenda as far as the church is concerned. 


The second self fulfilling prophesy is the idea that as human history progresses, the world situation from a moral and ethical situation will decline. Of course, the church assumes that declining morality is measured by compliance with church doctrine. To the extent that anyone questions or rejects that doctrine, this prophesy is fulfilled in their eyes.


Finally, since Jesus warned his disciples that they would be rejected in their teachings, the present day church sees any pushback against their doctrine as just another example of prophetic fulfillment which confirms the Bible as God's own word..


Given the fact that the church's so called gospel message has always been a confusing admixture of so called love and divine appeasement through ritualism, rejection of this message by many has been inevitable. No one considers the possibility that rejection is due to the message and the messengers and is not the fault of the hearers.


A muddled story about a divine love which condemns eternally was never going to win the hearts of man. The inevitable consequences of this "good news" coincide perfectly with what the church says the Bible predicts. Then they can conveniently claim this self fulfilling prophesy as confirming them as God's chosen agents.