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self righteousness



In using the term self righteousness we normally mean a smug feeling of moral superiority. Labeling someone as self righteous generally implies that their claim of superiority is at least prideful and even more likely a sham.


If we simply consider the normal usage of the word self, we notice that self righteousness must be a form of correctness achieved by the effort of the self, the individual. Righteousness of  other than the self righteous variety would logically mean that the attainment or achievement thereof is separate from the self.


Based on the words and actions of many in the institutional church it would be reasonable to conclude that they do indeed view themselves very highly relative to most. Their theology states emphatically that they achieve their righteousness through their own knowledge and obedience, obvious acts of the self. If right standing is established by individual action, what results is by definition self righteousness. And pride and contempt of others automatically follow. Love your neighbor out of self righteousness- not very likely. Love your enemy- no possible way.