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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

the separation between god and man



Sin is said to separate Man from his Creator. What is it about sin that causes this separation process? Some contend that God cannot stand sin, therefore he must withdraw from the presence of the sinner. Is it God’s holiness, his basic nature that separates man and his Creator today?


If we go back and analyze the first sin of Genesis chapter 3, we see that Adam and Eve ate, became aware of good and evil, and being ashamed of their now apparent nakedness, they hid from God. It is noteworthy to see that the immediate separation was initiated by man because of shame. The sense of shame was the result of man’s realization that he was naked before God. Man had always been naked, but it was not until he gained the knowledge of his nakedness that Adam decided to hide/separate himself from God. The initial separation occurs because Adam learns something about himself that leads him to believe he needs to hide from God. The feeling of exposure of inadequacy has always caused man to want to conceal himself. The resulting attempts to hide have generally resulted in additional wrongful acts, all designed to allow man to deal with his own sense of guilt and unworthiness.


The conclusion from the account of Adam and Eve is that sin caused man to withdraw from God even before God condemned the original sin. Mankind became too ashamed to ever hope for God’s love and acceptance, and that sense of unworthiness continues to haunt many today, despite the work of Christ.


Sin still seems to separate us from God because we do not have faith in God and his love and his ability to accept us as flawed human beings. Free-will guarantees that all will make some wrong choices in their lives. Mistakes are inevitable. What is not inevitable is that we continue to let our mistakes separate us from the blessing of fellowship with our creator. God has completed the perfect reconciliation plan, the final remedy for sin. It is the complete forgiveness bought by the blood of Christ. Man can now be sure of God’s good-will toward us regardless of our flaws. Shortcomings don’t lead to a loss of God’s love; they never did, and they never will. God is too great to allow mankind’s failures to foil his perfect plan. You can have complete faith in a God like that and enjoy his presence each day of your life.