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separation- how is that possible?


How can you separate yourself from the omnipresent God? Orthodoxy says that mankind has been separated from God by God's decision and subsequent action. Interestingly, a friend recently asked this question: How can you separate yourself from an omnipresent God. Doesn't the prophet Jeremiah declare that God fills heaven and earth? Where is the place or condition where God does not exist? Some might theorize that Hell is that place, but the church teaches that many people are separated from God outside of Hell.

To be separated from God in actuality would require a decision on God's part. To experience separation as a perception requires nothing more than man's imagination and assumption. Perceived reality is reality indeed, until our perception changes. That means that a feeling of separation can exist without real separation. That would be more logical than concluding that God limits His omnipresence to punish the wrong doer.