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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

sharing religious convictions



I like to think that my personal theology is non-threatening, but I sometimes forget that many see only two possible theologies- theirs which leads to heaven and all others which lead to hell. That sort of thinking will certain dampen the enthusiasm for learning about another's personal convictions.


I think I have stated before that my religious thoughts are of no interest to those who are completely comfortable with orthodox theology. I do not adhere to traditional Christianity, and I share that fact for the benefit of those who may be encouraged by knowing that they are not alone in their unconventional religious views. Orthodoxy may be offended by differing theologies, but true religious freedom means that everyone is due an opportunity to enter into religious discussion without anyone claiming an a priori assumption of correctness. Religious thought and conviction in our society is much more diverse and at odds with Orthodoxy than the church would ever admit, if not forced to by an open forum.


I recognize and admit that in calling attention to the problems with the practices of Orthodoxy I stand in danger of the same criticisms. Prideful self promotion and hypocritical mean spiritedness are ever present dangers in suggesting that others are mistaken. My only caveat would be that I don't insist that anyone conform to me under any threat of eternal penalty. If in this promotion of equality of religious conviction I display too much stridency and appear a bit self absorbed, then I confess to being too human. Convictions strongly held tend to stir the emotions.


I cannot apologize for offending by merely being honest about differences of opinion.  I could remain silent about my convictions, but only if church did the same about theirs.