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shifting strategy



It is a common contention in many circles that the strategy of certain Christians has shifted from one of transforming the world through the spread of the Gospel to one of gaining and controlling the seats of power within our society. We should always look askance at new conspiracy theories, because many have made a cottage industry around stirring up fears by selling countless books and ranting frantically on talk radio.


However, in the case of this alleged shift we have a considerable amount of supporting evidence right out in the open. In recent years we have witnessed an increasing number of political figures claiming to have a divine mandate to govern. Though the wording of such claims are different, the basic contention remains the same: I am a Christian and therefore most qualified to make the rules by which everyone else must abide. My concept of what is right and good is God directed and therefore cannot be challenged by anyone.


No one would likely deny that they have witnessed precisely that kind of thinking expressed by numerous politicians recently. In fact, many trumpet this thought process as if it made them especially noble and high minded.


Those in the church, who support these leaders, by implication endorse the idea that world transformation will not happen by persuasion alone; a dose of oppression and suppression, i.e. governmental action, is also required. If the Gospel of Christ was deemed sufficient and effective, the church would not be so politically active.


The idea of Jesus as a politician is a bit bizarre. A less politically driven person never lived. His life and ministry was all about teaching life principles and then demonstrating those principles in action. He sought no coercive power over others. In fact, he rejected such power and willingly submitted to the very sort of oppression which always results from coercive religion. You'll notice that these "Christian" politicians never model Jesus' mode of living; they are dedicated to Old Testament Judaism and Moses instead.


Now I'll admit that I am not quite sure what a politician modeling Jesus would look like. After all operating according to the Golden Rule is a lot more challenging than under the Law of Moses