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Soar like an eagle



Since the dawn of time man has envisioned the ability to fly as a marvelous thing, one to be greatly prized. “Soaring like an eagle” brings to mind floating effortlessly over the landscape while surveying all the glorious sights below with almost telescopic vision. It evokes thoughts of the cool wind rushing into our face with each dip and turn of our ecstatic flight of fancy. No enemy threatens the airborne eagle. Instead he enjoys the peace of rising above.


The time honored expression, to soar like an eagle, conveys meaning far beyond that of the mere words. It is a poetic statement which speaks universally to the human heart and its desire to rise above adversity and fear to achieve a position of majestic serenity.


The Bible speaks in these elegant terms in connection with the prophecy of Christ in Isaiah 40:31, “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles…” Here the advent of Christ is associated figuratively with the flight of eagles, drawing on the exhilaration of flight and man’s fascination with rising into the heavens. On this side of Christ mankind should be exulting in the escape from sin and its debilitating effects just as the eagle triumphs in escaping the pull of gravity. In other words there should be some soaring going on. Let’s get airborne.