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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

son of god and son of man



 In Trinitarian theology much is made of the fact that Jesus was both God and man. The Bible surely identifies him as both Son of God and Son of Man. This combination of the human and the divine is said to be essential to Jesus’ role as the Savior of the world. He had to be divine in order to experience human temptation, live sinlessly despite that temptation, and die as a the perfect sacrifice sufficient to meet God’s demand for justice.


 This proposed uniqueness for Jesus runs head on into the words of Paul in Acts 17 where he declared to the Athenians that “ we all are his offspring”. Offspring of God, Son of God- same thing. According to Paul’s words every son of man is also a son of God. Now that does not mean that Jesus cannot be a unique Son of God and Son of Man, but it removes the notion that being both human and divine applies only to Jesus.


 So whatever made Jesus the chosen one, the one to redeem mankind, it doesn’t appear to be the Trinitarian doctrine of the God/Man. If one eliminates the divinity of Jesus from among the attributes that made him effective as the Savior, then the meaning of salvation itself is drawn into question.