Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

sovereignty of grace



Sovereignty in the broadest sense is the power of God in exercising control over His creation, human history, and individual lives. The concept of sovereignty is inexorably tied to the idea of omnipotence, or total competence and capability. In the traditional view, Omnipotence has too often been seen as the right and ability of God to arbitrarily do whatever He wants, especially in condemning and destroying whoever He decides is lacking.


Instead, Omnipotence is more logically a term for supreme power to create, renew, and continuously transform. It is power guided by creativity. God's Omnipotence is not destructive but creative. One form of power is trivial, the other is ethereal. Omnipotence is love, the true demonstration of the divine nature and its method of influence over the universe. 


God's Omnipotence is displayed in the counter intuitive practice of grace and mercy. Omnipotence is the quality of God which clearly and unequivocally distinguishes Him from the thinking and actions of carnally minded men. It's exercise and influence over creation is subtle and pervasive, reflecting the grandest and most sublime image of the Divine. No arbitrariness. No destruction. Only Majesty displayed in unconditional graciousness, the realistic measure of the One who creates, maintains, and accomplishes all that He purposes, never wavering in His commitment to all humanity.