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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

Special but not uniquely so



Everyone enjoys the feeling of being special in the eyes of others. The extra degree of respect, attention, deference, and even envy which comes with being viewed as extraordinary can be intoxicating. Generally, if one person or a group of people are seen as special, it follows that others are seen differently, namely as ordinary and not deserving of the extras that special people are due.


Religiously, different groups believe that they are special in the eyes of God to the exclusion of other groups that are rejected by God all together or at least not so blessed by the Creator. Special status in the eyes of God is generally associated with a special revelation from God which documents the special status of the special group. Each such special group has its own honored text which bestows and documents its unique status before God. The written word then becomes the indisputable and infallible evidence that proves that the specially chosen and blessed ones are fully entitled to the full privileges of their “specialness”.


In this context three specific religious groups come to mind, and each of the three are identified as “people of the book”. The interaction of these three world religions over the course of human history has created untold conflict and human suffering. Each of these special groups rejects the other two and complains when they are rejected in turn by the others. This type of perceived uniqueness and special favor could never be the basis for peace and brotherhood. It is a logical impossibility.


If that is true, how can God have a special people? There is only one way. Everyone must be special before God. In human interaction, designating one person or group as special must exclude all others, because humans are limited in their ability to deal with more than a few relationships at once. God, on the other hand, is capable of dealing in a special way with everyone because of his infinitely larger capacity for knowledge, empathy, and love. Special in the eyes of God does not mean uniquely so. All can be and are special to God. No one has a corner on God, his revelation, his understanding, and his love. God is too big for one small group to claim and then to deny to the rest of the world.


Everyone needs to feel special, and they are special. Your relationship with God can be unique and personal, but that relationship does not prevent all others from enjoying their own.