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stifling spiritual growth


Two things limit our spiritual growth. One is pride, thinking we already know all that is worth knowing about ourselves and God. The other is fear, being afraid that anything new will damn us in the eyes of God. Traditional church doctrine promotes both of these limitations on our personal development as spiritual beings and children of God.

By endlessly harping on the essential knowledge to initiate and maintain one’s status as a Christian, as one of the chosen of God, the church projects the idea that once the essentials have been mastered anything else is superfluous. Then, if the anything else potentially involves heresies and falsehoods which can send one to eternal torment, there remains absolutely no reason to study and grow, risking error rather than further enlightenment.

All of this seals the deal for the church. They remain the sole arbiter and proprietor of the sacred truth, so they control the spiritual agenda and by extension the spiritual family. The spiritual family, in turn, can comfortably abdicate their own spiritual development to the church hierarchy and avoid any personal effort or commitment.

Ironically, the church then complains about the complacency and lack of dedication on the part of the average member. That is precisely the result one would expect from their doctrinal stance on developing spiritually. Acquiescence to church authority and complacency toward its mission go hand in hand. If the church insists on being in charge, then just let them be responsible for the work. 

Free people work willingly. Those in bondage to autocrats have to be driven and even that fails to motivate.