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the subject of judgment




Who can survive the judgment of God? Let’s consider the account of God’s judgment on the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham (Gen 18:32) pleaded for the cities to be spared if even so many as ten righteous men were found. Judgment came and none survived except Lot and his two daughters. In the days of Noah, God said that the wickedness of man was great and none escaped his judgment except Noah and his family. In the sermon on the mount Christ said broad was the way leading to destruction and many would find it. Then in Matt 25 he speaks of the Kingdom’s coming and of a judgment according to works. How many would survive that judgment? In the period of the apostles, Paul exhorted men to prepare for a coming judgment. This was the message on Mars Hill (Acts 17:31) and to the Romans (Romans 14:12).


Many want to have a completed salvation but with the promise of a future judgment, a judgment in which the wicked will get their just reward. Who are the wicked who require this future judgment? They are the murderers, rapists, and child abusers, of course. But what about the liars and cheats, gossips and hate-mongers? Where do they stand in the judgment? Who could really look forward to the judgment of an almighty God? Would anyone want to bet their soul that they can pass muster in a judgment of works as pictured in Matt 25? Those who preach judgment always assume that they are somehow immune from that judgment. The ones being judged are really the other guys, those bad people out there. Nobody who considers themselves a “goat” ever looks forward to judgment.


Judgment requires a rule or law as the measure of that judging process. What is the rule or law under which a future judgment will be rendered? Under any rule I can conceive, all would fall short of the mark in a judgment based on works. We all stand or fall together before God. If one man fails, we all fail.