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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

superior and inferior people



The church teaches that we all start out equal, namely as woebegone sinners, rejected by God. Then some few see the light, do the right thing, and change states in the eyes of God. Though no  longer rejected themselves, the few are constantly reminded that the vast majority of humanity remain so and largely due to their own malfeasance.


Now the above message is rarely stated as dividing the world into the superior and the inferior, but the implication is clear. The righteous few enjoy that state because of their knowledge and performance in accordance with church theology. Their superior condition is a direct consequence of their having properly achieved compliance with God's requirements. They have personally activated that by which they have been elevated above the rest.


The few are enlightened, personally responsible, and properly motivated. The remainder, by contrast, are ignorant, irresponsible, and willfully indifferent.


Within a society purportedly dedicated to democracy and the idea of equality, a theology which creates this kind of thinking is extremely detrimental. How can I mentally consign the majority of my fellow citizen to a vastly inferior state of mind and heart and still respect their right to equal treatment before the law, in employment, in education, in anything at all.


The entire good versus evil dichotomy projected by institutional Christianity is the basic world problem. It promotes conflict, encourages isolation, and prevents cooperative efforts to solve critical problems. It creates the hell on earth which drives many to a life of despair. Religiously it is anti-God and anti-Christ; secularly it is undemocratic.