Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

Teaching by Questioning


In our local religious discourse, some have expressed frustration with lessons which ask questions but provide no answers. Perhaps we should recognize that providing answers was the role of the old Orthodoxy which we left and raising questions was never a part of that religious paradigm. In a more open religious environment, a dogmatic answer, one which applies equally to everyone, is out of place and potentially stifling. Perhaps, we are better served by those who ask unanswered questions to stimulate further thought on the subject, than by the lessons of old which laid out the truth in no uncertain terms and demanded our acceptance.

Pat answers, delivered from on high, provide an easy roadmap but often not an accurate one. By doing the work of personal evaluation and contemplation we have an opportunity to not only grow spiritually but also to obtain a personal faith which truly changes our lives.