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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

thank god for the old testament



The church of Christian Orthodoxy is eternally grateful for the story of the Old Testament. Without their ready reference its rules and stories of judgment and destruction they would be forced to deal with the newness of Jesus' teachings. The fact that the Old Testament scriptures were never directed by God to other than the Hebrews is completely ignored, along with the fact that Paul soundly rejected the notion that Jewish law applied to Gentiles.


What are we truly to make of the Old Testament today on this side of Jesus? Are its precepts, those written exclusively to a special people at a special time, really our guidance and example today, 2000 years this side of Christ? What was really new and different about what Jesus taught and represented versus the instructions and example of the Old Testament? Should the church and men in general honor the Old Testament as present day requirements?


Since Jesus dealt with the Old Testament, it would be hard to ignore its existence; that's obvious. However, how Jesus dealt with it is the question. Did he honor it and proclaim it to be mankind's eternal principles?


Jesus' relationship to and attitude toward the Old Testament rules are not at all straight forward. It is readily apparent, despite his declared sinless perfection, that Jesus both redefined the law and operated in relationship to the law in ways which the Jewish religious leaders condemned. Additionally, Jesus loudly proclaimed that his mission involved a fulfillment of the law's purpose. Did he accomplish that fulfillment or not? If so, why do we still make OT laws our guidance today?


When Christians want to reference the Old Testament as justification or support, either religiously or politically, you can be sure that the example of Jesus and his law summation Golden Rule is deemed subversive or impractical and therefore ignored.