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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

the absurdity of Jesus


Seemingly, claiming Jesus should be about embracing absurdity. If what Jesus said was not absurd, I guess I read the wrong account. If people want a logical religious system, they shouldn’t look to Jesus. He was as illogical as could be in His teachings. What He said turned human wisdom upside down at every turn. When people insist on a logical, reasonable Jesus so they can practice what seems right religiously, they encounter a conundrum. Jesus cannot be made reasonable in the normal understanding of that term.

With its primary focus being on compliance to salvation requirements, the church has largely ignored and diverted attention away from the absurdity of Jesus. Instead they introduce their own brand of absurdity- the God who loves but yet condemns eternally. This provides two markedly different routes for the aspiring believer, two completely different forms of foolishness. It’s yours to choose. Since you will be absurd no matter which way you go, it might be good to just follow your heart.