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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

the artificial high



I remember so vividly watching TV wrestling when I was a kid. I could really get worked up over the antics which went on when by favorite good guy was victimized by those other wrestlers we loved to hate. The whole wrestling phenomenon was an emotion packed event for young and old alike. Gradually, as I matured, I came to realize that for the most part what I was witnessing was highly orchestrated theater and not legitimate conflict, pitting good against bad. Both the good guys and the bad guys were just playing a part in order to keep the money flowing from us in the audience to them and their handlers.


Somebody in the early days of television recognized that people have a natural tendency to embrace and internalize the idea of an unending conflict between good and evil. It doesn't even matter if the conflict witnessed is fabricated for entertainment purposes only. The audience still willingly expends great emotional energy in responding to the depicted conflict and reacts for the most part just as if what they see is real.


It should be obvious that if the above observation was not true, then most present day television programming would be a flop. If it were not for fabricated and highly emotional conflict, the TV writers would be largely at a  loss for subject matter. Crime dramas, superhero movies, and even sporting events depend on the idea of necessary, edifying struggle.


The day the public decides to quit being manipulated emotionally by media play actors, we will witness a real societal transformation. Instead of being worked into a frenzy by make believe, we could consider the path of cooperation and unity as the pathway to transformation.


As long as we remain so emotionally attached to conflict, that we manufacture it just to enjoy the associated charge to the system, we will be victimized. Many perpetuators of the eternal conflict mindset are neither noble nor benevolent. The preachers, broadcasters, pundits, and politicians simply see what sells and are taking full advantage, even if they have to fabricate a little along the way.