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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

The authentic you

In general, our religious institutions promote the idea that the person you are by nature, what I will refer to as the real you, is flawed and unworthy. The question then becomes, what made you unworthy. Things get a little confused at this point. Some in the church contend that the original sin of Adam caused condemnation to accrue to his every descendent, including you, at birth. This makes your unworthiness automatic without any responsibility on your part. You are just inherently bad because of your human heritage. Others would say that Satan beguiles every generation, making everyone sin and therefore become bad. In this scenario, each individual is supposedly personally responsible for the fact that they are unacceptable.


In either case, one must ask why is it that what I am is not good enough. Who made me like I am in the first place? Who decided that I be born an American at this time? How was my unique personality and mental predispositions selected? Who or what foreordained all the myriad life circumstances that have molded my outlook and worldview. Undeniably I have made many decisions with associated consequences which then dramatically impact my life and the lives of others. But were these decisions unconnected to the many random influences mentioned above? I hardly see how one could conclude that to be true. I would personally suggest that we all are more a product of things in our lives outside our control than we are of conscious or even unconscious decisions and choices.


If the real you is to a significant extent not your doing, then why does it make sense that the process of changing you into the acceptable you is your responsibility? If random circumstances play an important role in determining who you are, then no one can be anything but what they are unless the One who made them that way in the first place intervenes autonomously.