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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love


The Beloved Lost among us

How many church members have close friends and beloved family members who are going to be rejected by God in accordance with the teachings of their church? The majority of them, I suspect. Given that fact, wouldn’t it make sense to seek another understanding of God than that promulgated by the church? Why would we blindly accept church doctrine which condemns our loved ones to Hell?


I have personally asked people if they wouldn’t be happier knowing that God is not in the condemnation business, and they admit that they would.  But then they think they are forced to accept the reality of condemnation “because the Bible says so”. Well, let me assure you that the church’s message of an angry, vengeful god is not the only plausible way to see the Bible.


If people honestly don’t enjoy the horrific story of the church, why not seek an alternative view of scripture. It can only be because the church has scared everyone with the idea that questioning church doctrine is the same as blaspheming God and insuring His wrath. That contention is just a bit too self serving to be real.


Open the book up and look for the God whose mercy endureth forever and you will be surprised at how easy it is to find Him there. The key is not to let judgment ever be God’s last word to mankind. Man’s ego relishes judgment and retribution, not God. He is much too big to be that small.